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Hair Transplant Surgery (Capillary Micro-Grafts)

In recent years, thanks to the medical advancements in hair transplant surgery, baldness has become a pathology that in most cases has a solution. At Hospitales San Roque, the first visit is crucial, as we assess each patient and we study their case in order to make an accurate diagnosis and determine the type of alopecia they have.

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Androgenetic alopecia, often known as “hereditary”, is the most frequent form and it is also the most suitable type to be treated with capillary micro-grafts, both in men and women.

There are several techniques to treat baldness, but the best possible results come from repopulating the areas using the patient’s own hair. Hair follicles are extracted from the area with the highest hair density, the back or the side of the head, and then a graft is performed in the areas affected by hair loss.

This is done using the DC modified FUE technique which consists in extracting hair follicles individually under local anesthesia. This technique is less invasive than other traditional methods, recovery is faster, it leaves no scars and the result looks more natural. In addition, it generally only requires a single session.

At Hospitales San Roque, we will take into consideration the unique features of each patient, and we will carry out an individualised assessment and a personalised design according to the characteristics of each person to recreate a healthy and natural looking hair. The initial effects of the surgery will be noticeable as from the fifth or sixth month after the procedure. The final result will not be visible until a year after the procedure.

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