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Neuropsychology (Clinical Psychology)

Clinical neuropsychology is a specialty which combines psychology and neurosciences and focuses on studying the lesions, damages or the malfunction of structures located in the brain which lead to experiencing problems with cognitive (memory, attention, abstraction, perception…), psychological and emotional processes and individual behaviour.

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At the Clinical Neuropsychology Service of Hospitales San Roque we offer a range of services including: neuropsychological assessments, cognitive neurorehabilitation and mindfulness-based neuropsychotherapy.

Most neuropsychological deficits that we treat in our service affect three big groups of patients: children with neurodevelopmental problems (preterm or low-birth weight children, children with disabilities, hyperactivity, attention deficit, etc.), patients who have had some sort of brain injury (head trauma, strokes, psychological trauma, etc.), and people with neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, sclerosis, ALS, etc.).

Both the children and adult neuropsychology service follows an in-depth neuropsychological assessment of all neuropsychological and behavioural processes in order to carry out a comprehensive treatment which includes computer-assisted neurorehabilitation, family neuropsychotherapy. Whenever necessary patients are referred to the physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy services.

It should also be noted that the clinical neuropsychology service develops psychological treatments for individuals, families, groups together with the drug treatment prescribed by the neurology service for all neurological pathologies such as headaches, migraines, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, dementia, etc. Such treatments are aimed at acquiring better stress-coping strategies and at finding the best way to live with different chronic pathologies.


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