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Hereditary Cancer and Genetic Counseling Unit

The Hereditary Cancer and Genetic Counseling Unit is a pioneering service in the Canary Islands that makes it possible to determine a family's risk of developing cancer and thus establish, where appropriate, the necessary measures to prevent it or ensure early detection.

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Thanks to an agreement with Myriad Genetics Spain, Hospitales Universitarios San Roque is collaborating with the genetic counseling platform "myHealth desk", which addresses the needs of people with a family history of cancer, offering them access to early diagnosis, prevention and treatment for each case. 

With this initiative, Hospitales San Roque closes the circle of Comprehensive Care for cancer patients which includes prevention, diagnosis and, if necessary, treatment and subsequent follow-up care, in keeping with the philosophy of Oncology Excellence which puts the patient at the center of health care.

A network for quality care

"myHealth desk" is the most advanced genetic counseling network in the country and is made up of leading Oncology institutions.  Hospitales San Roque has thus joined the efforts of international professionals, institutions and businesses to offer the best possible quality care, diagnosis and information in hereditary cancer.  

This is a major innovation in our commitment to ensure universal access to these types of studies, based on the best available analytics and technology, because Myriad Genetics tests are the only tests in the world that offer 99.98% analytical accuracy; it is also the largest database, with 1,500,000 patients tested to date, and is constantly updated with unmatched bioinformatic capabilities.

The Hereditary Cancer Unit and "myHealth desk" Genetic Counseling at Hospitales San Roque is staffed by an outstanding team of specialists, led by Dr. Elena Vicente, an Oncologist with ample experience in the field of Oncology, genetic counseling and family cancer. 

The professionals in this Unit inform patients and/or their relatives about the risk of developing cancer or recurring tumors, as well as the risk of transmitting it to their offspring and the preventive and diagnostic options  available to them. 

Hereditary Cancer

Between 5% and 10% of cancers they are hereditary and 20% more are family cancers, which increases the risk of developing the disease for other members of the family.  Hereditary cancers are transmitted from one generation to the next, which means that there are some families with a greater pre-disposition to developing the disease, or developing a second cancer throughout their lives or at an early age.  A person with hereditary breast cancer has a 64% chance of developing a second cancer.

Fast track genetic counseling

Myriad Genetics is a world leader in personalized medicine and molecular diagnosis, with over 20 years' international experience.  Thanks to this agreement, the Hospitales San Roque Unit is the first fast track genetic counseling service on the Canary Islands, as test results are obtained within a period of 14 to 21 days, allowing us to define the best therapeutic option for patients and significantly reduce their stress levels.  Similarly, we also monitor patients and help healthy people susceptible to cancer take the necessary preventive measures. 

Myriad Genetics' tests provide conclusive and accurate answers, both in the technical execution of the test and in the interpretation of the results, providing crucial, potentially life-saving information to help improve patients' quality of life by defining each patient's individual risk of developing cancer or the treatment to be applied to patients who have already developed the disease. 

Worth noting among the molecular diagnosis products that we provide, are specific tests to detect and prognosticate hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, colon cancer associated with polyposis syndromes, hereditary melanoma, hereditary pancreatic cancer, prostrate cancer and Lynch syndrome, among others.


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