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Paediatric Nephrology

The Spanish Association of Paediatric Nephrology (AENP) was formed in 1973 in Zaragoza, as the Paediatric Nephrology Section within the Spanish Association of Paediatrics (AEP). Later, it became the Spanish Association of Paediatric Nephrology in Pamplona on 17 June 1994.

Paediatric Nephrology involves the study and treatment of children and adolescents with kidney diseases in order to achieve their physical, psychological, emotional and social development.

The main goal is the prevention of kidney diseases in children.

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Portfolio of Paediatric Nephrology Services:

  • Water-electrolyte interactions of renal origin: sodium and water disorders, potassium disorders, calcium and phosphate disorders, magnesium disorders.
  • Acid-base disorders of renal origin: tubular acidosis.
  • Study and treatment of renal malformations and hereditary neurological diseases.
  • Study of haematuria and proteinuria.
  • Tubulopathies. Glomerulopathies. Nephrotic syndrome.
  • Alterations in urination: Nocturnal enuresis and incontinence.
  • Renal manifestations of other extrarenal diseases.
  • Tubulointerstitial nephropathies.
  • Urinary tract infection and infectious processes.
  • Renal function study in uropathies.
  • Nephrocalcinosis and renal lithiasis.
  • High blood pressure.
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