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Medical Check Ups

At Hospitales San Roque, we recommend early diagnosis as the most advanced means of disease prevention available for modern medicine.

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The Check Up Service is designed to evaluate the state of health in order to prevent pathologies associated with the type of work, sex, age, lifestyle and personal history.

At Hospitales Universitarios San Roque in Las Palmas we offer a personalized periodic health examination for each patient in order to provide a complete comprehensive diagnosis, as well as a guide to health tips to follow. All of this unites cutting-edge technology, the most advanced techniques and a multidisciplinary team for a global approach.

The medical check ups are advisable from the age of 40 and would consist of a Basic Check Up that would be modified according to age, as well as a personal interview and according to the corresponding medical assessment.

The coordination of the different specialists and diagnostic tests will be done through a medical doctor of the Medical Management Staff.

Each medical check up is carried out according to a circuit consisting of:


- First Assessment: anamnesis, personal and family history, living habits and general physical examination.

- Elaboration of a test circuit.

- Corresponding diagnostic tests, where they will be accompanied by a personal assistant who will guide and inform them throughout the process.

- Consultation with appropriate specialists.

- Reception of tests.

- Second Medical Assessment.

- Delivery of reports.


The diversity of medical check ups will allow us to carry out different types according to the individual characteristics of each patient:

- Basic check up

- Full check up

- Check up for women

- Check up for the man

- Screening for family history

- Sports check ups

- Cardiac check up

- Oncological check up

International health authorities recommend getting a complete personalized check up every four years up until age 40, every two between 40 and 60, and once a year after age 60. 

At Hospitales Universitarios San Roque in Maspalomas follows these recommendations when scheduling check ups and medical exams in order to promote prevention and early diagnosis of disease and help patients avoid risk factors that may endanger health and, subsequently, their quality of life.

To this end, we offer 24-hour stays at our facilities, as well as the most advanced techniques and multidisciplinary teams in order to ensure comprehensive and personalized service, necessary prerequisites in order to detect symptoms and irregularities in early stages and evaluate each patient's health status in view of their age, gender and personal and family history.

In addition to the tests we include regularly, which are listed in our on-line service, Hospitales Universitarios San Roque also offers magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scanner, bone  ensitometry, ultrasound, digestive endoscopy, and electroencephalography (EEG).

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