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Cardiac Imaging Unit

The latest technology and the best specialists come together to provide an improved service for patients who are the ones who will ultimately benefit from this initiative

Hospitales San Roque is the first hospital to have a specific unit for diagnostic imaging for Cardiology, which allows us to achieve better results including more accurate diagnosis, better therapeutic outcomes and more affordable care.

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Combining the knowledge from different fields such as cardiology, cardiovascular nuclear medicine and radiology adds extra value and allows us to learn and grow further, so that we can offer the best quality service in our diagnostic imaging unit to heart disease patients who are the one who will ultimately benefit from this knowledge and technology.

This unit is equipped with the latest technology, which allows us to expand the limits for a more accurate diagnosis of cardiac pathologies. In out Cardiac Imaging Unit, patients will therefore have access to a wide range of diagnostic tests such as cardiac magnetic resonance imaging, a non-ionizing radiation technique which allows us to visualize the heart in high resolution. This technique is considered the “Gold Standard” for the assessment of the cardiac function. Another example is the use of the new T1 mapping technique, which is becoming more and more popular and provides a method that helps us diagnose different myocardial pathologies without using gadolinium contrast agents.

In addition, Hospitales Universitarios San Roque is the only hospital that carries out stress cardiac imaging, a test that is being used more and more often to diagnose and asses ischemia and myocardial viability, providing a safe and efficient assessment of patients with cardiovascular disease.

The cardiovascular unit at Hospitales Universitarios San Roque is also equipped with a Coronary CAT multi-scanner, a non-invasive method that allows us to view the coronary arteries in high resolution. Thanks to the advanced technology of this machine, a coronary study can be performed using very little radiation and less iodinated contrast agent that was used in the past.

Other studies that are also virtually harmless for patients are: transthoracic echocardiography, a non-invasive technique which is key in virtually all fields of cardiology; transoesophageal echocardiography, a semi-invasive technique that is performed by inserting a probe with an ultrasound transducer down the oesophagus in order to obtain high-quality images of the heart and which is generally performed under anaesthesia for the patient’s comfort; and nuclear cardiovascular medicine, which is used to determine the presence of myocardial ischemia.

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