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Day Unit (Chemotherapy)

True to its philosophy to provide a full oncological service to its patients, Hospitales Universitarios San Roque boasts a day unit, which perfectly completes the service provided to oncological patients.

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The Day Unit covers the following specialties:

Medical oncology, radiotherapy oncology, integrative therapies, general and breast surgery, psychology and hereditary cancer unit and genetic counselling.

In our facilities we have advanced equipment: a cytostatic preparation cabinet located in a specific area of ​​the Pharmacy Unit, as well as a cosy Day Unit, where you can easily and comfortably access different treatments.

This unit is run by a trained and qualified multidisciplinary team providing a comprehensive, professional and humane service, which meets the needs of our patients before, during and after the completion of therapies.

  • A team of oncologists will monitor your illness and indicate the best treatment for each case.
  • A team of nurses will take good care of you during your treatment and will be happy to answer all your questions, to explain each treatment step by step and to help you prevent or solve possible side effects.
  • A pharmaceutical team will watch over you during the treatment, closely following the entire process.
  • Psychology and integrative therapies will help you face this stage of your life.

In short, you can place your trust in a large team of professionals who are there to cover your every need and make you feel at home. What’s more, these people who will accompany you during the whole process are also at your disposal 24 hours a day, as they know it is essential that your special and different needs must be met at all times.

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