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Haemodialysis is a procedure used to clean and filter the blood. Its aim is to eliminate toxic waste and excess liquids and sodium from the organisms. It also helps control blood pressure and restore the body's balance of certain chemicals such as sodium, potassium and chloride.

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Conducted using a dialyzer, a special filter connect to a machine that cleans the blood.  During treatment, blood flows through a series of tubes and into the the dialyzer, which filters waste and excess fluid.  Then the purified blood is pumped back into the body through another set of tubes.  The procedure is usually performed three times a week, with sessions lasting between 2 and 4 hours.  During treatment, the patient can chat, watch TV, sleep, read or write.

Our Service at Hospitales Universitarios San Roque in Maspalomas has twelve haemodialysis stations located in a large space and an isolation area for patients with C virus antibodies (excluding HIV-positive patients and carriers of the Australia Antigen of the hepatitis B virus).  The Unit also features a lobby, reception, medical office, toilets and changing rooms for patients, rooms for preparing medication and disposing of organic waste and storage rooms.  There is also has a water plant for haemodialysis next to the Unit that features a double reverse osmosis system and is disinfected according to water treatment protocols  recommended by the Spanish Society of Nephrology.

The Unit's staff includes a nephrologist and registered nurses with extensive experience in dialysis who meet clinical guidelines recommended by the Spanish Society of Nephrology.

As far as equipment and material, our Unit works with Fresenius Medical Care equipment (4008 Haemodialysis Machine S) with OCM® measurements, sodium profiles and ultra-filtration.  These are compatible with both single and double puncture lines.   The dialyzers are  high, medium and low permeability Helixona® (FX model class).  We offer personalized treatment sessions, adapting to each patient's specific needs and adhering to their regular dialysis as closely as possible.

The Unite also offers a Wi-Fi Internet connection, individual TV screens with headphones, drinks and snacks as well as anything else you might need during the session and translators for foreign users.

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