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Hospital Emergencies

Hospital emergency services emerged between the 18th and 19th for two reasons: first, the public administration needed to separate patients according to their severity and type of pathology and, secondly, they needed to help soldiers recover quickly, so hospitals were set up right on the battlefields.

In general, both forms currently converge on the hospital premises, both inside and outside the hospital.  

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Inside, the Emergency Unit is often divided in zones that interact together, with clearly differentiated protocols; outside, service is offered through ambulances, and particularly through mobile ALS units.

Hospitales San Roque has a service that covers every possible urgent medical-surgical need.  The human team includes highly qualified nurses and practitioners who are experts in emergency health-hospital care and whose one and only objective is to quickly and efficiently solve the health problems that arise.

As for additional complementary tests, we offer every possible test that may be required in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis, also used by specialists from other Services in complex medical conditions:

  • Radiology Service
  • Ultrasound
  • CT
  • Resonance
  • 24-hour laboratory
  • Critical Care Service (UMI and UVI)
  • Daily Traumatology surgical care
  • General Surgery, and all those pathologies that require urgent surgical care.
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