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Mayor Outpatient Surgery

Mayor Outpatient Surgery is an approach to surgical assistance which allows us to treat patients in a safe and efficient manner without needing hospital admission. It is a challenge for our medical team as they must ensure that any complications are reduced to a minimum using techniques that are as minimally aggressive for patients as possible together with anaesthesiologic techniques with minor side effects.

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MOS allows patients to go home the same day, which helps speed their recovery, a fact that has been proven. Hospitales Universitarios San Roque is the first private hospital in the Canary Islands with a MOS unit and which has all the characteristics to meet all the requirements needed.

The advantages of MOS for patients are numerous, as they can be home in less than 24 hours after their intervention and they can spend the night at home. This way, patients are spared from having to stay in a foreign space, such as a hospital room. Thus, potential bacterial or viral infections are also avoided, as in a moment of weakness, the patient could be infected by the bacteria or virus in hospitals.

Patients will still be monitored since our team carries out either a personal o a telematic follow-up, depending on each case, in order to monitor our patients’ post-operative evolution. From the point of view of the hospital, MOS helps free up beds to make room for patients who do need to stay for a long period and this results in a much more efficient medical attention.

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